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Sleigh and Cutter–Historic Winter Festival

Unique to Waseca!


JANUARY 27 – MARCH 10, 2018

Due to inclement weather the ice harvest scheduled for Wednesday, February 11th has been cancelled.

Waseca’s annual winter festival gets bigger and better each year with activities taking place on 12-14 days over three and sometimes four weekends. This festival was created in 1950 in Waseca and continues to entertain young and old. Miss Waseca County Sleigh & Cutter reigns over all events including the Saturday parade. Horse owners from around the state bring magnificent horses of every type imaginable to Waseca for the parade down State Street. Only animal powered units and riders are allowed. Sleighs, cutters, bobsleds and many types of wagons and buggies can be seen.

The festival also includes a dinner and dance, dart tournament, card games, children’s art project, hockey tournament, the search for a hidden Medallion, the unveiling of the winner of the Identify Frosty the Snowman Contest, M S D R S sanctioned snowmobile drag races, live entertainment, authentic ice harvest, ice golf, ice curling, youth ice fishing, family movie night, dodge ball, kick ball, skydiving, snow sculpting and more!
Most of the events are free! Many restaurants and clubs offer special meals and entertainment. The parade starts at noon on the second Saturday in February.

What is a Cutter?

If you are curious as to what a cutter was, Sleigh and Cutter Association President Ken Borgmann has your answers.  “A sleigh is a bigger unit and is usually pulled by two horses, and has two runners on each side,” he said.  “A runner is what the sled is.”

Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival parade-goers can expect to see a variety of sleighs, cutters, and even bobsleds. According to Ken Borgmann, “the training of the horses takes a different talent and a different horse to be able to pull a wagon, a buggy, a sleigh, or a cutter.”


The Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival Association, Inc does not assume or accept duty or responsibility for safety at this event in regard to participants or any other third parties or for animals or property thereof.

Check out the website for a complete schedule of events and activities:
The Festival also sponsors the CHILDREN’S DREAM CATCHER, a fund to help families of terminally ill children in the Waseca area.
Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival
5603 N W 102nd Avenue
Waseca, MN  56093

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