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Garden Walk

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Waseca Garden Club Walk

The Waseca Garden Walk takes place on Sunday, August 7, 2016 from 1:00-5:00 pm – rain or shine.  All locations are free and open to the public.  The Garden Walk begins at the Bailey/Lewer House. Maps and refreshments are available at the Bailey/Lewer House.

Contacts for the Garden Walk are:

Kathy Oftedahl — 507/461-1222

Cheryl Forrest — 507/201-8783

Pat Forshee — 507/835-5978

The featured gardens are:

Bailey/Lewer House, 315 2nd Ave. NE, Waseca, MN  Bailey Lewer

The Garden Walk begins at the Bailey/Lewer House.  When you walk through this yard, you will feel transported back into a genteel era.  This lovely house is landscaped with 1868 vintage landscape plant varieties.  They are lovingly planted and maintained by local volunteers.  The heirloom plantings are labeled and a printed plant material list is available.  Maps are available here.  Refreshments are served at this location. 





Kris Sibilrud, 709 – 2nd Ave. NE, Waseca, MN  Kris Sibilrud

Kris has lived in her house for five years and has created a lovely cottage garden.  A large variety of plant materials including hostas, astilbes, heucheras, clematis, lilies and native plants are in the garden.  Kris has worked with family members to obtain rocks which are used to enhance the flow of the gardens.  Try to spot the “Garden of Eden” that Kris fashioned for her grandchildren’s amusement.  A creative path to the deck was made by Kris’ son where you will see pots of annuals.  Lots of unusual decorative items are also tucked into various places.





Jill Berge and Tom Thiesse, 505 – 16th Ave. NE, Waseca, MN  Jill Berge and Tom Thiesse

Jill and Tim have created a private retreat at their house.  As you approach the house, you will notice a birch that needed to be cut down.  Once Tim had completed the task, Jill found a way to enhance what was left with flowers.  The front façade also showcases pots of annuals.  As you go up and around the house, you will immediately notice the dappled shade and the cool, relaxing atmosphere of the back yard.  Note the collections of chickens and frogs that are tucked in between hostas and other plants.  Jill and Tim enjoy grilling out and have found a creative way to accommodate three large grills and still have plenty of room on the patio for their guests.




Sue and Jerome Stangler, 40150 – 120th St., Waseca, MN  Sue and Jerome Stangler

Sue and Jerome Stangler have lived on their farm site for forty years.  By using no pesticides or fertilizers, Sue and Jerome strive to be as natural as possible when growing their produce.  Notice the apple orchard with thirty varieties of apple trees and the two new pear trees.  Sue is currently trying to manipulate the pH of the soil to produce blemish free apples by planting three apple trees planted in a triangle and growing berry bushes in the middle.  The Stangler’s have several large flower and vegetable gardens.  Don’t forget to peek inside the restored 1860’s barn.





Tracey Coe-Fenske and Rich Ristau, 38748 – 90th St., Janesville, MN  Tracey Coe-Fenske and Rich Ristau

Tracey and Rich have created several gardens on the farmstead.  Rich has moved boulders from the fields and positioned them for Tracey’s gardens.  There is a wide variety of plant materials that include rhododendrons, lilies, roses, shrubs, and lovely annuals.  Everything is dressed in a covering of rich, organic mulch which enables them to grow large, lush plants.  The variety of plants provides varying color and texture to the landscape.  Tracey has tucked in interesting decorative elements to add whimsy and charm to their yard.



Pat and Steve Forshee, 710 – 5th St. SW, Waseca, MN  Pat and Steve Forshee    

Forty years ago, Pat and Steve Forshee started with a yard that was a blank canvas.  They began transforming their yard into the beautiful, peaceful garden it is today which is approximately half perennials and half annuals.  See if you can find the boots blooming with impatiens!  Pat’s creativity is on display with the garden art, gorgeous window boxes, and potted flowers.  The backyard showcases a lovely patio and campfire setting.  Evening fires and s’mores are enjoyed in this area of the yard.  The potting/garden shed was built in 2015 as a family and friends project.  Steve also installed a rain barrel on the edge of the patio.





Community Gardens, 35838 – 120th St., Waseca, MN  Community Gardens

When Sidonia Balke and Kathy Roycraft coordinated the Waseca Community Garden in 2000, they envisioned it as an opportunity for community members to gather and garden in a social setting.  Since then, it has been an invaluable resource for area residents with limited gardening space at home to meet others who share similar interests.  The Southern Research and Outreach Center contributes by supplying water, storing supplies and preparing the garden.  The garden has 30 large 15-by-20 plots and 20 small 6-by-20 plots which are rented during the growing season to the community and coordinated by the Waseca Community Education office.