Discover Waseca


Waseca County CourthouseWelcome to Waseca County!

Waseca County includes Waseca, the county seat, as well as Janesville, Waldorf and New Richland.  All of our cities combine small-town hospitality with a strong sense of community pride.  Beyond the cities, the county boasts attractive lakes and some of the world’s finest farmland.  That’s why Waseca-the Dakota Indian word for “rich” fits our county so well.

At the heart of it all, you’ll find a relaxed way of life.  Most of all, you’ll find a place where family and community are still the cornerstones; a place where what’s close to your heart still matters.  

We are proud to be a diverse and energetic Minnesota county.  Long-time Wasecans, visitors and new residents alike – we offer something for everyone!


Waseca County Courthouse
307 North State Street
Waseca, MN  56093