County Government

Welcome to Waseca County!

Waseca County includes Waseca, the county seat, as well as Janesville, Waldorf and New Richland.  All of our cities combine small-town hospitality with a strong sense of community pride. Beyond the cities, the county boasts attractive lakes and some of the world’s finest farmland. That’s why Waseca–the Dakota Indian word for “rich”–fits our county so well.


The Waseca County Board of Commissioners and the county employees strive to meet the needs of all our citizens. Our website is a comprehensive resource for the entire county. Here, you can learn about the Board of Commissioners, how to contact them, their meeting agendas, and the County’s budget. The County website contains links to the sites of all area cities as well. You can also view the websites of the many community agencies that enhance our quality of life and learn more about our numerous County parks and the Soil and Water Conservation.

We are proud to be a diverse and energetic Minnesota county. Long-time Wasecans, visitors and new residents alike – we offer something for everyone!



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